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CREI has been a pioneer in conducting cross-cultural field research studies both of qualitative and quantitate nature. Our cross-cultural research projects include conducting field research, presentation/publication ,assessment, and educational workshops. Our domestic research studies have been presented at Harvard University, University of California, Santa Barbara, and University of New Mexico. International research collaborations entail projects conducted in Iran, Italy, and Greece. Please select ‘Publications’ from the main menu to view our list of published research articles. CREI research teams are always looking for new global regions to conduct research studies. Please email us at [email protected] to start a dialogue on our potential collaborative research project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Research Department at

CREI Offers a full range of scientific research studies encompassing the most effective research methodologies supervised by the most reliable & academically qualified scientists following the rigorous and pedagogical format:

  • Development of Hypothesis and literature review
  • Research design and methodology
  • Survey design, data collection, analysis, and documentation
  • Presentation and publication
  • Follow up on results and repeat if necessary

The experts at CREI will translate the data into meaningful reports, reassess the problem, and through careful analysis develop a solution to the problem at hand. The resolution is then written into a proposal for implementation with empirical analysis including economical and budgetary consideration for a resolution to take place.

  • Reanalyze research conclusion in step 1 for conduction resolution
  • Make an assessment based on research findings
  • Propose a solution including timeline and budgetary estimate Prepare for conducting and implementing the resolution

At CREI, we will continue our support to the implementation phase as we will assemble the proper group of experts needed to implement the resolution found in step II. The support in this phase includes the following:

  • Estimate timeline and workforce needed
  • Create the project timeline including global support
  • Assemble the group of experts
  • Implement the Resolution
  • Re-evaluate the solution for efficiency and re-assessment.

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