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Parental Coaching/Consultation/Training Services:

Parenting should be a journey filled with joy, fun, excitement, and new discoveries for both parents and children. We are here to help you reach your path and experience this wonderful journey as a family. Our parenting coaching and consultation can be conducted in 1 to 3 sessions, where you would learn practical techniques in how to resolve your particular parenting challenges related to any stage of your child’s life. The fees are based on how many sessions you will require to learn the techniques and with the help of our consultant, create a resolution plan. Please note that each consultation session is 50 minutes. The following fees are estimates and may vary based on your specific needs.

  • 1-hour session: $150.00 Prepaid
  • 2-hour session: $275.00 Prepaid
  • 3-hour session: $415.00 Prepaid

Due to the pandemic social distancing enforcement, all sessions will be conducted online and virtually; however, in-person sessions may be held under special circumstances following all the state guidelines. Please communicate your preference at the time of registration.

Important Notes:

  • The 50-minute sessions can be attended by one parent, two parents, or parents and children. In case the child is to be present, a preliminary parental interview will be required. The sessions are pre-scheduled and pre-paid.
  • The above fees are for individual parents. A 20% additional fee may be applied, when both parents are attending the session as it will increase the content and the criteria for reaching a resolution.
    Note: It is always recommended for both parents to attend the session (s) as to the strong possibility of reaching a resolution much quicker.

Note: To schedule a session please email us at [email protected].

Workshop Services:

Parent workshops: The nature of workshops vary. Interested parents can register for their desired topic. Workshops are varied in content, length, and duration.

Note: Please refer to the schedule of workshops listed on the main menu.

Due to the pandemic social distancing enforcement, until further notice all workshops will be conducted online and virtually.

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